Ultrasonic Devices to Repel Mice

Mice are unwelcome visitors in our homes. They are a menace, burrowing holes through things and spreading diseases while giving us a feeling of disgust. Many households wage a daily war with mice and often fail in driving them out. Mice are stubborn creatures.

If you drive them out of one part of your house, they will find a way to scurry back in and make their home in another.

People often use rat traps and rat poison to kill rats, but mostly the traps stay empty and the poison stays uneaten.

Fortunately, with advancement in technology, many new devices have been introduced in the market to help you get rid of mice effectively. One such class of devices are the ultrasonic devices. They are a great way of driving mice away from your house without having to kill them.

Often, killing mice may be a problem. Mice may lie dead in hidden corners of the house, and you will not even know until days later when the smell starts to spread. Moreover, traps and poison are not only dangerous for rats, but also for humans.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller — Solution to the Menace of Mice

Ultrasonic mouse repellers are plugged into a socket located near the area where the mice travel frequently. The repeller is then switched on, and it emits a high-pitched sound through ultrasonic waves into the surrounding areas. Although we cannot hear it, mice will be able to and be irritated by the noise which will eventually drive them out.

Things You Need to Remember while Using Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers:

Before installing your device, understand the following.

  • You need to place it in the correct area. Remember to have it in a place that mice frequently pass through, which would increase the chances of them receiving the waves.
  • Keep the path clear. Any object such as furniture in the way of the ultrasonic repellers will work to obstruct the waves, reducing their effectiveness.
  • It is best to find out where the mice make their home and place the repellers close by so that they will almost always come in the path of the waves.
  • If you have a big house or you have mice nuisance in several areas, it is recommended to have several such repellers placed in strategic locations in your house to help drive the mice away.

Another way you can use these repellers is to take the help of the waves to drive the mice to the rat traps you have set up for them. Mice will receive the waves and be driven away, directly coming towards the traps and getting caught. There are many repellers out there in the market you can choose from. Research carefully, and understand which would be the best fit for your house. In this way, you can effectively get rid of mice, thus keeping your home safe.

Ultrasonic devices can be used for other purposes as well. Most recently, Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaners have started gaining immense popularity.