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Top ten effective synergies between Lean Construction and BIM

If you have been in the construction business for long, you would surely be aware of the Lean Construction and building information modeling. The BIM has been an ideal technological tool that is aiding and taking modern-day construction to greater heights. There a few effective synergies that one can notice between BIM and Lean Construction that we shall look at here:

1. Helps in making changes during production

BIM is helpful since it helps in managing the building project right from the first to the last with technology. BIM consulting ensures that the engineers and architects to find out the issues and discuss with the clients before starting the projects.

2. Making changes in end result

The BIM 3D modeling and projection help the people to visualize, do the budgeting, and even make any changes to the project. It gives a fair deal of information to ensure that the construction remains closest to the client requirement throughout.

3. Easing production turnarounds

A big problem of many construction firms is that they would be handling multiple construction projects simultaneously, and it might be difficult to check on one of them, and ignoring the rest.

4. One template for every model

Gone are the days, when one had to think of unique design and implement it. A cake shop or a hotel, the client can just get computerized designs to go for the business. Since these are templates as per the business, there would be no dearth of designs.

5. Timely verification of projects

Many times, businesses might be working on projects that might seem to go nowhere. This usually happens when one of the heads is not in town and there is a discord. The BIM Model design is famous for its accuracy in helping the engineers and architects to know how close they are to the design. Timely verifications would save the day.

6. Pull systems of BIM models

A big assistance that these BIM Models do is to allow the construction workers to check the models from time to time and even at the same time allow the other departments to use it for various accounting and auditing purposes.

7. Ensures teamwork

With the Pull and Push system at work, the BIM Models allow the firms to discuss and share the models across all the departments in need. This will enable them to check the work and mention the requirements that they have.

8. Client’s clarity

A 3D Model is not just going to help the construction firm departments to know their requirements and quote it, but also increase the transparency for the clients. They would know the value for each and go ahead with the corrections that they wish to make at the earliest.

9. Total control

The business heads and the team managers would control of the projects completely that are in the pipeline and jump in to help whenever they can.

10. Setting standards and benchmarks

Those firms that need standards and meet benchmarks shall be able to do that with the help of BIM Models. They can generate the automated sheets and guidelines for the future models to come up.